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Send a greeting postcard to your clients as a touch point to remind them of your services and show that you care. These days, client retention is equally important as getting new ones, so why not start building a relationship with your clients and use this tool to get your Client Relationship Management program going. There are eight designs to choose from, all customisable with your company details.

For tips on how to use this material, please refer to the How to use section below.

Product Options

Thank You

Show your appreciation to your customers by sending them these personalised postcards. Co-brand the postcard with your company logo and details, then create your brief message to give it a personalised touch.


Happy Anniversary

Personalise this postcard with your company logo and details. Avoid smudging ink on your materials with the rubber stamp. Instead, reinforce the professional image of your business by using this ready to print design.


Happy Birthday

Send a birthday greeting to your clients with this customisable postcard. Simply insert your company logo and details with a click of a button. Create your short message to give it a personalised touch.



Congratulate your clients on successfully purchasing their property by sending them this personalised postcard. Co-brand this postcard online with your company logo and details to reinforce your professional business image.


How To Use It

1. Find out if your client is thinking of re-financing
Whether your client’s loan is reaching its first, second or fifth year, sending a Happy Anniversary card is a good way to thank them for choosing you as their mortgage broker and express that you’re happy for their achievement in securing the property. It is also a good way to see if your client is thinking of re-financing if the life of the loan is due for renewal.

2. Keep your name alive
Once settlement is achieved, a broker’s name is often forgotten. Personalise a Happy Birthday postcard by hand writing a short message to your client. Build a personal relationship with them and show that you care. At the same time, offer any further assistance that your client may need. This is a good touch point to remind them of your services and keeping your name conscious in their minds.

3. Congratulate and celebrate
Upon settlement of a new property, send this postcard to your client congratulating them on their purchase. Celebrate the fact that they have achieved their goals and express that you were happy to be apart of that process, helping at every step. A happy client will most likely refer you to others and provide repeat business in future.