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FAQs - Logo Uploads

1. Why does my logo appear very small on the preview?
The Choice Marketing Portal takes the file you upload and places it into a predefined area. If your logo is horizontal it will be the width of the box or if it is vertical the height of the box. 

As you can see the software thinks the background is part of the logo, so it fits it in the box by default.

2. How can I correct it?

Check your logo
Open your logo file using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer to see if there is a white background preventing it from filling the box.

Remove the white background
You can crop the picture using Microsoft Office Picture Manager to remove the white background. Ideally, cropping the background should be done in professional design software or by a graphic designer.

3. Why does my logo look fuzzy?
All logos or other pictures you supply for printing must be high resolution or they will look fuzzy. 300dpi is the general standard for print however, if it is a very small image 180dpi may be acceptable. To check the resolution right click on the file and look under the properties window summary tab, then click the advance button which will show you the vertical and horizontal resolution.


4. What format should my logo be?
In the Choice Marketing Portal most art files are supported for upload but it is recommended that you check the ‘Convert to PDF’ box to ensure the quality of your file.